All Cybis porcelains are hand made in the USA

Ballerina Collection: "Kitri" #05032

From Don Quixote comes the Ballerina, Kitri.
With delicate lace and ruffles, the beautiful Kitri stands 6" tall.

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Carousel: Unicorn # 06045
(An issue restricted to 325)

The Carousel Unicorn stands 13-1/4" tall.

From the Carousel/Circus Collection: Unicorn # 06045
Limited Edition #307 - 13.25"H x 12"W

Portraits in Porcelain: "Bathsheba" # 04097
(near closing)

*Bathsheba is the companion to King David # 05013

From the Portraits in Porcelain Collection: "Bathsheba" # 04097
Limited Edition #336 out of 500/50
14.5" in height

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Portraits in Porcelain: "King David" # 05013
(near closing)

*King David is the companion to Bathsheba # 04097

From the Portraits in Porcelain Collection: "King David" # 05013
Limited Edition #160 out of 500/50
14.75" in height

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