Animal Kingdom

This collection of Waterford pieces captures the Animal Kingdom with Irish and International representations. The pieces have all the finesse of every Waterford item, each carefully made by master craftsmen. The pieces are ideal as ornaments in their own right or to complement and balance an existing Waterford collection.

Click to enlarge Butterfly

Clear Butterfly Item Code: 0500105500

All the delicacy of the elusive butterfly captured in this delightful crystal sculpture. $59.00

Click to enlarge Dolphin

Dolphin Item Code: 114943

The craftsman at Waterford have captured the elegance and grace of this ocean favorite. $89.00

Click to enlarge Frog

Frog Item Code: 101446

Incredibly lifelike crystal frog, seems ready to leap at you. $48.34

Click to enlarge Swan
Swan Item Code: 104983

A truly remarkable lifelike swan depicting it's grace and serenity on the water, its exquisite neck and layers of feathers. This enchanting sculpture is 4 inches tall and 4 inches long. $84.64
Click to enlarge Small Pig
Small Pig Item Code: 1739974400

One of Ireland's most loved animals. This chubby fellow with his smiling snout is adorable in crystal. $54.39
Click to enlarge Robin
Robin Item Code: 105726

The ever popular Robin. The gardeners friend and a bird for all seasons. a lovely design from Waterford. $84.64

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