The Bisanar Company's Waterford crystal bowl collection combines beauty with versatility, and includes bowls which come in several sizes. A wonderful array from which to choose your Waterford future family heirloom.

Click to enlarge Ben Franklin Liberty Bowl

Benjamin Franklin Liberty Item Code: 2459296391

From the American Heritage Collection: The artists of Waterford honor Americas Heritage by creating works that span oceans and centuries, bringing the skills, the beauty, and the vision of an earlier age to today's American homes.

Celebrating the signing of the Constitution. With his reverence for the gilded half sun that decorated the back of the George Washington chair, this bowl radiates the hopes of a new nation. $350.00

Click to enlarge Rainbow Centerpiece

Rainbow Centerpiece Item Code: 100604

From the Prestige Collection: This outstanding collection incorporates Waterford Crystals finest craftsmen with the most stunning collection of cut crystal available anywhere in the World today. Only the true master cutters create these outstanding pieces. Truly a prestigious collection.

An original work of art designed by John Connolly. Inspired by one of natures most elegant symbols, the Rainbow speaks of promise and hope that lies at the heart of the human world. Now Connolly's artistic vision has come to life in this exquisite Rainbow Centerpiece. $477.95

Click to enlarge Kings Bowl

Kings Bowl Item Code: 3963286391

Also from the Designers Gallery, Prestige Collection: An original work of art designed by John Connolly. The regal Kings Bowl, with its rich and lavish design, recalls the time of the Royal Charters. The top of the bowl has a crown like rim cut to precision with deep scallops. Sparkling rosettes are a crystal interpretation of the gleaming gems that adored the crown's of the Kings who issued Royal Charters to Waterford, beginning with King John in 1215 and ending with King George in 1815. $550.00

Master Cutters Bowl 8 Inch Item Code: 9427776000

From the Masterpiece Collection: Only master cutters at Waterford are allowed to work on the pieces of crystal art in the master cutters collection. This bowl is a beautiful example of their skill and artistry. $228.69
Click to enlarge Boat Bowl
Boat Bowl Item Code: 2925558500

From the Masterpiece Collection: After eight years of demanding training a Waterford crystal cutter achieves the status of master cutter by creating a unique crystal work. The Boat Bowl is one such crowning achievement. $907.50
Click to enlarge Lismore 9inch Bowl
  Lismore 9inch Bowl Item Code: 108051

Waterford has just released a new Lismore Collection to celebrate the Lismore suite's 50th birthday. The Lismore pattern - introduced on October 23, 1952 - was created by crystal designer Miroslav Havel. 50 years later, the design stands proud as the world's favorite crystal design. A classic crystal whose simple cuts and balanced beauty are as fresh today as they were when first inspired by the village of Lismore in Waterford County. $155.07
Click to enlarge Guinness Trophy Footed Bowl
  Miniature Scalloped Footed Bowl (Guinness Trophy) Item Code: 117075

Heritage Collection: Elegantly footed and deeply cut, this is a masterpiece in miniature. $150.00
Click to enlarge Kennedy Centerpiece
  Miniature Kennedy Centerpiece Item Code: 117074

From the Hertiage Collection: A stunning miniature oval bowl with gracefully scalloped rim and brilliant diamond cuts. $150.00
Click to enlarge Winter Garland Centerpiece
Winter Garland 12in Centerpiece Item Code: 107500

From the Christmas Collection: Waterford Christmas crystal has become a holiday family tradition, treasured gifts to share and display for years past and years to come. $324.50

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