Inspired by the splendor of history's most magnificent architectural structures, Waterford presents Time Pieces, a collection of brilliant crystal clocks. Architectural genius finds new expression as straight lines, curves and angles are cut in perfect harmony to create functionality as well as beauty.

Click to enlarge Prism Clock
Small Prism Clock Item Code: 107488

A wonderfully reflective prism of superb Waterford crystal with a clock embedded in its center. $60.44

Click to enlarge Grecian Clock

Grecian Clock Item Code: 5067750055

Encased within Waterford's flawlessly cut crystal is a perfectly clear clock face with handsome black Roman numbers. $84.64

Click to enlarge Cottage Clock

Large Cottage Clock Item Code: 5149910065

The exquisite diamond and wedge cuts are shown to perfection in this Large Cottage Clock. $120.94

Click to enlarge Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock Gold Item Code: 5056430055

Keep time with this timeless classic shape sculptured in classic Waterford Crystal. $84.64
Click to enlarge Ashton Mantle Clock
Small Ashton Mantle Clock Item Code: 103346

Contemporary design in clear Waterford Crystal, would add an elegant touch to any desk or bureau. $99.00
Click to enlarge Wharton Mantle Clock
  Wharton Mantle Clock Item Code: 103352

The classic shape adapted to modern design and flawlessly cut by craftsmen at Waterford Crystal. $179.00
Click to enlarge Diamond Clock
  Diamond Clock Item Code: 7824020032

Sparkling like the diamond after which it is named this Waterford crystal clock is masterfully cut. $99.00
Click to enlarge Clock Penholder
  Clock/Penholder Item Code: 1967590030

A wonderful accessory for office or home combining beauty of design and convenience of function. $84.64
Click to enlarge Westminster Clock
Westminster Clock Item Code: 5378640062

Inspired by the splendor of an architectural masterpiece this is a stunning timepiece sculpted in Waterford Crystal. $198.00

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Please note: Some Waterford pieces are subject to current market value, therefore price should be confirmed before purchase. Email info@bisanar.com, or call 828.322.5090 to speak with one of our sales professionals about Bisanar's Waterford Crystal Timepieces.


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