Collectables: Miscellaneous

These beautifully sculptured Collectables, show the true love and skill of the Waterford craftsmen. These unique pieces were commissioned to celebrate many different occasions from birth, to sporting occasions... collectable pieces for that special touch. All celebrating those special moments in our lives.

Baby Bootie

Mark the occasion with baby's first shoe.

Westover Desk Clock

Adds that distinctive touch to any desk.

ABC Block Item Code: 193915500


Westover Business Card Holder

Matches desk clock set above.

Click to enlarge Golf Ball
Golf Ball Item Code: 1199685100

This one is not to be lost but given pride of place as it deserves. Ideal gift for tournaments.
Click to enlarge Golf Club Head

Golf Club Head Item Code: 8427914400

The perfect paperweight for the golf enthusiast - diamond cut for extra lustre. Ideal gift for tournaments.

Click to enlarge Lady Golfer
Lady Golfer Item Code: 103543

Beautifully sculpted Waterford Crystal female golfer with perfect follow through standing on a crystal plinth. Ideal gift for tournaments.
Click to enlarge Male Golfer
Golfer Item Code: 0337695900

Masterful Waterford Crystal male golfer swinging into action, standing on a crystal plinth. Ideal gift for tournaments. $159.00
  West Hampton Decanter


West Hampton Highball Glasses
Set of 4
Item Code: 5101044412308



Lismore Ice Bucket


Millenium Champagne Bottle Holder



Lismore Coaster (pair)



Lismore Pitcher



Lismore Sugar/Cream (pair)



Lismore Salt/Pepper (pair) Item Code: 5006028183706


Lismore "Biscuit Barrel"



Lismore Sandwich Tray


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